Updates : Preparation for SAT Exam. AP Classes are going to start from next month.
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Welcome To Shooting Stars

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Learn Online

Our online platform allows students to learn smart from the comfort of their homes, without the commuting time.

Expert Teachers

Our team of well-trained professionals are adaptable, flexible, and prepared to cater to all our students’ needs.

New Methods

We do away with the old give-out-content-in-a-lecture methods & replace them with interactive methods of teaching.

About Us

In this ever-changing world, education has become less about ‘knowing’ and more about ‘learning’. We at Shooting Stars believe in the importance of learning. Moreover, we stress on the importance of learning SMART, by working hard to find how, and in what way, you learn best, what works for you, playing to your strengths, and working on your weaknesses, so that you become the best student you can be.

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Our Features

Online learning from the comfort of their homes, professional courses and expert teachers, flexible scheduling, along with comprehensive study material and regular performance evaluations, are what ensures that our students are equipped with all they need to succeed.

Interactive Learning

1 to 1 classes and small groups of up to 3 students to ensure student-teacher interaction and increase student participation.

Online Learning

Students can learn from the comfort of their homes, saving them the time they spend on commuting, along with providing an environment they are comfortable in for the best learning experience.

Professional courses

Our courses are expertly designed by well trained professional teachers to ensure that they cover the entire syllabus in a manner that allows each student to customize his or her learning.

Flexible Schedule

Online classes from home and customizable courses make for a flexible schedule to ensure that students spend adequate time on their extra-curriculars, which is an integral aspect of their development.

Comprehensive Study Material

Our well thought out and carefully planned assignments and study material shall be constant companions for students to prepare and practice what has been covered by our courses.

Performance Evaluation

Regular performance evaluation tests and assignments to ensure that the student is keeping up with the courses. Our faculty maintains a record of the student’s progress and monthly update emails are sent out to ensure that the student progress is being tracked.

Latest Courses

A guide to our latest Prep-Courses, to prepare for grueling and competitive entrance and qualifying examinations - and to emerge victorious.

NEET Online Classes
NEET-Prep Course Flexible

Aim comes from Ambition and being ambitious is your true self. We train you and help you reach a level where you can achieve your future goals. We train you to be eligible to appear for the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) and clear the same with the highest scores.

IIT JEE Advanced-Prep Online Course
IIT JEE Advanced-Prep Course Flexible

JEE - Advanced is a qualifying examination held annually in India. The limited seats, compared to the large student body that attempts the examination every year has made this entrance exam highly competitive. We help you reach a level where you can achieve your future goals.

IELTS-Prep Online Course
IELTS-Prep Course Flexible

To help you apply for higher education and for general training to fly to Australia, Canada and the UK, or apply for education and work experience in an English-speaking environment, we guide you completely in order to appear and score the highest band in the IELTS exam.

Online Primary Education
Primary Education Flexible

This is the first step in helping children to fall in love with learning, along with working on their character. Our courses are designed to provide these young, growing minds with the right tools to work on both, a solid foundation for their learning, and a stronger character.

Online Secondary Education
Secondary Education Flexible

Secondary Education might just be the most essential part of a student’s journey at school. Along with slowly discovering who they are as people, these years are also when students begin to pick their favorites. These favorites soon become their high school subject choices.

Online Higher Secondary Classes
Higher Secondary Education Flexible

This might just be the turning point of students' lives. It is during these 4 crucial years that students pick their preferred streams upon their entrance into High School and begin studying the subjects that are going to introduce them to the career path they would like to take.

Our Experienced Tutors

Meet the teacher behind our students’ success

Online Accounts Trainer

Mrs. Heena Grover

Accounts Teacher
Master’s in commerce
6+ years of teaching experience
Heena’s varied experience and excellent track record have made her a favorite among our Accounts students.
Online Chemistry Teacher

Mr. Kumar Gaurav

Chemistry Teacher
B. Tech (IT)
11+ years of teaching experience
Gaurav’s experience as both a lecturer and a private tutor, along with his unique teaching methods have made him a highly sought-after teacher for Chemistry.
Online Math Teacher

Mr. Avinash Vatts

Math Teacher
M. Sc (Mathematics)
5+ years of teaching experience
Avinash’s teaching methodology and experience with Mathematics have made him a widely loved teacher among our students.
Online Physics Teacher

Mr. Mani Shankar Prasad

Physics Teacher
M.Sc (Physics) from Delhi University
18+ years of teaching experience
Mani’s vast knowledge of Physics and his varied experience, along with his interactive teaching methods have made Physics a favorite subject of many a student.
Online Physics Teacher

Mr. Karan Aggarwal

SAT/AP Math Trainer
B.Tech (ECE)
7+ years of teaching experience
Karan’s passion and dedication to Mathematics is what makes him one of our students’ favourite trainers, combined with his interactive teaching style.
Online Physics Teacher

Mrs. Garima Gupta

SAT/IBDP English Trainer
M.A. English Literature (Gold Medalist)
21+ years of experience
Garima boasts a highly decorated profile. Her vast experience and interactive teaching methods have made her one of the best our institute has to offer, and a fast favourite among our English students.

Very helpful teachers with awesome flexibility.

Kartik Jain

Happy Student

Very helpful teachers with awesome flexibility.

Pooja Sharma

Happy Student

Nishant bhatia

Grade 12 CBSE